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High Tech India - Part One

Published 4/11/1989

India is the hot place now for companies to look at for new software development. The trend actually started more than fifteen years ago. This is an early look at the growth of high-tech in India, shot on location in Bangalore, New Delhi, and Bombay.

Guests: Mike Shah, Digital Equipment; Vinay Deshpande, PSIAshok Soota, Wipro; Venkat Mohan, Wipro; P. S. Deodhar, Electronic Comm; S. G. Pitroda, Advisor to the PM Arjun Malhotra, Hindustan; Rajendra Pawar, NIIT, Jerry Gaudet, DECS. Balakrishnan, CMC.

Originally broadcast in April 1989. Copyright 1989 Stewart Cheifet Productions.

Producer Sara O'Brien
Production Company Stewart Cheifet Productions
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - - February 1, 2014
Subject: The Computer Chronicles - Part One of High Tech India
Five stars.
Reviewer: FroggyMe6581 - - April 24, 2012
Subject: HindiTron!
What a great episode. India and their tech is the best. In more areas than just technology, they refuse to bow to bully corporations; for example, in this episode, their use and development of UNIX.

I loved seeing one of the IIT campuses. Via NPTEL, the IIT campuses deliver world-class education to the world for free. Check out their full courses available.

To the reviewer who questioned the date of the episode: Not only does the header in the actual video (not just the text on the webpage) say 1989, but the credits say 1989 as well. Also, Stewart's narration mentions that at the current level of growth, something (I forgot now) was predicted to occur in the future by 1995. Plus, the decor of the studio is still their earlier, not mid-90s, style, the intro to the show is still the old version, and Gary Kildall is the guest host. And the topics discussed, like bringing forth the first non-USA 386 motherboard, Lotus 1-2-3, and new 486s are all late 80s topics. So yes, the episode really is from 1989.
Reviewer: splue - - May 13, 2011
Subject: Patrick MoyroudHigh Tech India - Part One (4/11/1989)
Reviewer: XPecto - - October 7, 2008
Subject: About air of this episode
this video really that much old, l just can't belive it. Cause in the episode the HCL Chairman says something related to their actions taken in 1995 and he says its been two years now.
Reviewer: agent - - May 27, 2006
Subject: A twenty-six year old trend, time for a follow-up?
I love watching movies like these. Thank you Internet Archive!

I really enjoyed hearing about the phone systems, UNIX, and IBM! It did not surprise me to hear that it was easier to make a call to the United States than from department to department.

It would be great to see a follow up story that shows the impact of the software development, and focused more on the standard of living. Another area that could be addressed are the challenges that climate and weather conditions pose. I am particularly interested in the weather aspect because another article mentioned the extreme wind and heat conditions in India

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